Benefits of using Proxy Server on Kodi PS4

Benefits of using Proxy Server on Kodi PS4

Ever wondered if there is any benefit in using a Proxy Server on PS4? Well, there are many benefits of using Proxy Server on your PS4. Do you know what they are? If not, then learn the advantages that we explained here.

Benefits of using Proxy server on Kodi PS4

1. Improves the slow lagging internet speed

PlayStation is specifically designed to play high-level games. Hence, the primary requirement that a player should have is an uninterrupted and smooth internet connection because it will be very irritating when a gamer loses their play due to network lag issues.

If you are a PS4 gamer and uses a proxy server, you will not face any network lagging issue while playing. The proxy server will be the channel between the PlayStation and the gaming server.

2. Uptime for Enhanced gaming experience

Uptime is nothing but how many hours the proxy server was working from without any malfunction. If you have the best proxy server, you need not have to pause your gaming session with good uptime. However, you will not have a good uptime in the standard server, so the game update will be paused. Hence, if you need good gameplay on your Playstation, then the proxy server will be the most essential one.

3. Fast Internet connection using Proxy Server

The source connection from the internet connection is taken to play high definition games. Even some gaming servers will offer speed up to 1Gbps.

4. Multiple login locations

Many games around the globe are not accessible for some locations. But by using Proxy servers, you can set up the specific location from your zone to play those geo-restricted games from anywhere. Hence, many online gamers love to use proxy servers for their gameplay.

5. Hide IP address using Proxy Server

If you use Proxy Server on your PS4, it will hide your IP address. When you go online, then no one will trace your IP and data on your device. The proxy server will ultimately provide security to the gamers.


These are some of the beneficial facts that a proxy server on PS4 offers to gamers. Though proxy server doesn’t provide the top-notch online security, some proxies come with the encryptions. So, find the right proxy server for your PlayStation and start playing your games with the high-speed network.

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