How To Install Kodi On Different OS And Configure It The Right Way

The official guide to get Kodi App for Android, iOS, PC. Kodi Download APK guide is provided in this post which you are surely going to like a lot.

Have you ever missed your most anticipated movie and the chance to go watch it on the first screening? Have you ever missed and an episode of your favorite series? I’m sure you have because everybody has at some point in their life. Don’t worry because “Kodi Download APK for Android, iOS, PC” guide is here to the rescue.

Kodi App is a very great media streaming software that is available for nearly every platform that you could hope to play media on. It helps you watch videos and listen to music on your device. You can choose to play the media from your local storage or your network storage like Cloud. You can have Kodi App for any device that you have, be it Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac OS. It works perfectly fine on each and every one of them. So, let’s see how you can Download Kodi APK.

Kodi APK on Google Play

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Download Kodi for Android with Google Play

The most recognizable operating system and at the same time the most popular is Android. Android has arguably the largest user base in the smartphone market. Let me tell you that Kodi for Android is available on the Google Play Store which also happens to house the largest collection of apps and games.

After the Kodi app has been installed you can open it directly from the Play Store by tapping on Open. Or you can find it on the home screen or the app drawer.

Kodi for Android

Kodi APK Download App

Sometimes the Play Store gives troubles to the users and won’t let you download Kodi for Android. The reason may be server issues or any other error. In that case, go for this alternate method which is less reliable but works for almost all of the devices.

It also requires that you turn on Unknown Sources in order to allow third-party app installations such as Kodi Download App. You can do it from Security in the Settings menu. After that follow these steps.

  • Get the APK file from this link.
  • Download Kodi APK file
  • Choose any one of the available ones according to your phone’s processor architecture and download the APK file.
  • Once the download is over, go to the folder where you have downloaded the APK file and tap on it.
  • This will open the Installation wizard. Allow the permissions and click “Install”.

There you have it. The alternate installation method to install Kodi for Android. You should only use this one when Google Play doesn’t work. It is not bound to work on every device that it is tested on.

Kodi for iPhone

Download Kodi for iPhone

The most popular smartphone platform after Android is iOS. iOS is Apple’s own smartphone OS. Some may say that iOS is better than Android and that is definitely debatable. But it’s each to his own when it comes to opinions. That aside, you’d be happy to know that you can also get Kodi Download if you have an iOS device.

The process is rather lengthy so we shouldn’t be wasting any time and move on to the process. There are two methods if you wanna install Kodi App on iOS; with and without jailbreak. We will only discuss the latter one so that everyone can use it without having to jailbreak your device.

There are a couple of things that you have to have at your disposal before you get the show on the road.

  • An Apple Mac computer.
  • Xcode 7 or above
  • The iOS App Signer App
  • Kodi installation file (.deb file)
  • USB Type-C cable

After you have the above things with you, we can start the process to install Kodi App on your iPhone or any other iOS device. Because without them, you won’t be able to do anything. Install Xcode and iOS App signer after downloading them from their respective links.

Kodi Download for iOS

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac via the cable.
  • Launch Xcode.
  • Click “Create New Project”
  • Choose the Application from the left panel of the next window.
  • Type a unique name and identifier for your project.
  • Press “Next” and then Xcode will show an issue. Click Fix Issue” to get rid of it.
  • Log in using your Apple account and then click “Add”.
  • This will get rid of the issue and you’ll be fine for the rest of the procedure.
  • Open iOS App Signer on your Mac. Press “Browse” which is next to the “Input file” field.
  • Now choose the .deb installation file of Kodi App that we had you download at the start of the process.
  • Select Provisioning profile and Signing Certificate from the available lists.
  • Hit the “Start” button after that.
  • It will create an IPA file of the Kodi Download for your iOS device.
  • Return to Xcode and open the Window menu from the top menu bar and select “Devices”.
  • Select your iOS device which you can find in the left panel.
  • Click “+” from the bottom-left corner in the present window.
  • Navigate your way to the IPA file that was created in the earlier step and select it.

Now, after all of these steps are over, Kodi Download and install will be complete for iOS. Xcode will sideload the IPA file onto your device and install it. Detach your device when the process is complete, and you will find the app on your iOS home screen.

Downlad Kodi for PC

Kodi Download for PC

As I have said time and again, Kodi App is available for all the operating systems that are common in use. That includes PC platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Kodi Download is available officially for Windows on the Windows Store. As for the remaining two, you have to download setup files from the official website and install them manually.

We will start off with Windows and make our way through to the other ones.

Kodi for Windows:

  • You can install the app from the Store by searching for it on the store. Once you find it, you just have to click the “Free” tab and the installation will start.
  • You’ll need to possess a Microsoft account in order to download from the Store and you can make one here if you don’t have one.
  • Now, for the other method, you have to download a setup file from this link: Kodi for Windows.
  • As soon as the download process is complete, double-click the installation package to open the installation wizard.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll have Kodi App on your Windows PC in no time.

Kodi Download for Mac:

  • Go to this link and download the .dmg file of the app which is the installation package for Mac PCs: Kodi on Mac OS
  • The file which you download is actually a disk image, so you have to mount it by double-clicking it.
  • This will show you the .dmg file inside the disk image file.
  • Now, drag the installation file and drop it into the “Applications” folder of your Mac.
  • If you have been using a Mac then you know where that folder is. Otherwise, Kodi also gives a link to it in the disk image itself, which makes your task even easier.

Kodi App Features

That being said, you can Download Kodi APK and install it on your respective devices and know firsthand what it is capable of. Moreover, I am pretty sure that you have all the information you need on the app with this guide on Kodi Download App APK for Android, iOS, PC.Do share your feedback at Kodi App.

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