What does lenny faces mean? Most used lenny faces of 2018

What does lenny faces mean? Most used lenny faces of 2018


Today in this 21st century, technology has expanded over an exponential rate. With the rise of technology, there are a number of entertainment websites present online which are quite famous. There has been a tremendous rise in the number of social media platforms which are quite popular across the internet. Many people use different emojis, text messages, memes while chatting with their friends and family. But the most popular emoji which gained a worldwide popularity is the “Lenny face”.

If you are active on social media platform, then you must have surely come across this sneaky face called Lenny’s face. This face first appeared on the spam folder in a clogging forum called Ylilauta, which was found in a spam folder in it. After the appearance of Lenny faces in the year 2012, this face has become an internet sensation all around the globe. There have been lots of memes based only on Lenny’s face. Nowadays people use this Lenny face to spam someone’s folder or email. If you are planning to do so, You can use thelennyfaces.com to generate any lenny faces.

According to a famous portal called “know your meme”, this Lenny face was first created on November 18th in the year 2012 and has been pretty famous until now. There are many types of Lenny faces with huge variations. Lenny face made its way through 4chan boards and became popular in that portal too. In that portal, many users spammed it with Lenny’s faces. The attack was so huge that users commenting with Lenny’s faces were banned immediately.

Lenny face meaning

Lenny’s face is a blend of Unicode codes. This face is usually used to describe emotions, love, fear, mischiefs, sneakiness, inside joke etc. Many people use it just for the purpose of spamming groups, portals, platforms, and email accounts. This Lenny’s face was even used by the famous hacking group called “the anonymous” in the year 2015 after hacking a Pakistani website.

In the year 2016, users spammed another portal called “Tumblr” with Lenny faces. The online attack was so huge that within an hour around 100,000 comments and posts were made based only on Leny faces. People also named this emoji has deg face.

Looking back in history, around a few years back, Russian president Vladimir Putin used Lenny face to mock the politicians of another party. After the use of Lenny faces in tweets and comments, it once again made into headlines. This face later became an internet sensation which was again used for mocking other people

Lenny face may have a number of deep hidden meanings. Some say it is used in depression, anxiety, but in some cases, it is even used in case of confusion and bewilderment or even may be used in innuendo. Whatever may be the reason or meaning behind this face, it has gained worldwide popularity. Most people use this to make fun of your friend, groups, and families but only for fun. Now you know how to create Lenny’s face, you can create creative or amazing memes on it.

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