The best way to gid rid of Olpair Kodi error

The best way to gid rid of Olpair Kodi error

In this tutorial, we have shared you with the easiest and best way to fix pairing Kodi errors. Many Kodi users encounter these errors when trying to stream some channels from some add-ons. By using the following instructions, you will not see this message anymore and then you browse with Kodi without any worries.

Some of the most popular bugs are the user experience: olpair,,,, vshare or other openload pair messages. To know more about this error and its fix visit

You will experience these pairing errors only when you try to play a stream that requires authorization. Although this problem has some improvements, the first method described below is a very good option for this problem. In the following guide, I have used the placenta addon as an example. However, these algorithms must work for all add-ons associated with Kodi.

How to fix Olpair Kodi error

If you are a frequent user of Kodi then you will have seen this message when you try to stream a Movie or a TV show.

By following the guide below, this message does not appear when the content is streamed.

Method 1: Disabling Hoster Captcha

  1. Launch Kodi and open your favorite Addon (I chose PlaceCenta as an example).
  2. Scroll down and click on the tool options.
  3. Click on the Settings: Playback
  4. Scroll down and find the hosters with captcha
  5. Click to flip the Toggle Switch to OFF and click OK.

That’s it! Thus, all the streams that needed for authorization will be removed, such as the error or another pairing error.

The only problem for some people was using this method is, some of the streams are now eliminated from their viewing options. However, there is always a way to get these streams.

Method 2: IP Pairing

  1. When approval is required, the following message is displayed.
  2. To recognize ourselves, we must go to the link in the message. Many links can be marked when you try to see the feed. It is important to type the appropriate attachments to access your content.
  3. Look for the link in the message in any browser. In this example, the necessary link is
  4. In order to verify whether the access is requested by a human, the site will ask for captcha verification. Click on I am not a robot.
  5. Clear the Captcha verification.
  6. Once the verification is done,  scroll down and click on Pair.
  7. A message will appear showing that pairing has been done successfully.

When using this method, there is a great way to see all possible streams in the code, which presents some risks. It can be dangerous to give your IP address to anyone. The use of VPN is essential when adjusting sound errors in the line.


Olpair Kodi error is a common authorization error and can be easily rectified. It is always better to have an alternative method and that is why we have provided you with two possible methods to get rid of this pairing issues. Try it out and share your experience. If you have any doubts or any questions, kindly comment below.

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